Bugger the Buggers trying again to insert.

13 Feb

Bugger the buggers. a terrific video.

13 Feb

If you dont want to use my Scrapbooking sites

15 Jan

then you can get me here.

Here are the links to my other blogs and my yahoo site

14 Jan

I am really sorry, but I just cant be bothered with a site, that works one day and not the next. Letterdash may have not been the best but at least it never showed up just white blank pages.

If you use Incredimail you can join my Yahoo site and will get all my stationery I send through free of charge.amongst other things that I have put up there.


Due to the fact that I cant read my own blog,

14 Jan

I think I will be leaving wordpress. as I just cant read my own blog . all I get is white blank pages. so I will go back to Blog spot and rather blog there at least I dont have problems there. so sorry people but if something does not work then find something that does.

Bye Bye.

What is wrong with my blog,

13 Jan

I cant see any of my pages, only blank white pages. What is going on with WordPress or are they having a problem. Please someone let me know this is really not good enough. 

Daily Prompt clean slate

13 Jan

Well I have just walked into this room, it’s actually a garage, there is a double bed in it in one corner, and along side is a desk that holds 2 computers, there are no curtains on the window, and the fan is going full tilt trying to cool the air down, There is a deep freeze  and on top of it is a hi fi system not working, there is a rail along the wall and there are clothes hanging there collecting the dust, in the far corner are a few boxes stacked as there is no where to unpack them, opersite is a green plastic table which holds an assortment of things such as a kettle coffee and sugar  a container with knives and forks, and 2 coke bottles that hold water. There is a brown carpet that covers part of the floor the rest is concrete. on the floor are 2 cat’s bowles and a water bowl but they are out playing in the sunshine. On the wall is a picture in a frame of a chow chow. and a large mirror, and on another shelf is a microwave which looks kind of rusty. Not a tidy room, but what with everything that is in it, there is not much for the people that live here. Pensioners dont get a lot of money and must do with what they can get these days.


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